captainxander (captainxander) wrote in btvs_rpers,

Hey Everyone

I wish more people would join. So we could play or something.
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I totally hear you. :/
I would be willing to join as Willow, how do I apply?
i was wondering if you guys still did this? if you dont have a willow i would love to let me no xand
Sorry that I haven't been doing anything lately, with this livejournal. I think i'm going to work on everything also, and advertise it more. I've been super busy..sorry guys.

Willowberry, i'm working on things now and i'll put an application in a.s.a.p.

Deleted comment

it's dead i think.
what's your contact information?

there are other places that need rpers.
Hey there,

I was searching around and I saw this community.
I was maybe thinking I could apply for Cordelia? And I also do Angel if you need him.
Perfect, I need a Cordelia and Angel.

btvsooc Go there to fill out the application.
Welcome, now for the Xander Chase Cordelia All-Pun-Intended Scene! :)
Oooh, I can already tell that this is going to be uber fun.

{ This is saintcordy
Make sure to AIM at me. Here's a hint to help you AIM better.

I'll get right on that. I used to have AIM before my computer spazzed. I have been using my father's for the past three weeks and I am not allowed to download anything, so pft. I am getting my computer tomorrow though, perfect timing. You'll be able to IM me at;

AIM Express allows you to AIM over a web browser. Availible at along with other fine AIM products. :)